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Design Concept

Cats offer companionship, unconditional love, entertainment, and affection. Not to mention lots of purring. They’re fluffy, independent, and the Internet‘s in love with them. Besides, there’s scientific proof that having a furry roommate brings a whole list of health benefits. From fluffy cats to short-haired tabbies, there’s just too much cuteness to handle. Incorporating the surprising look of the kitty with vibrant-color flora and plants, uindesigner aimed at offering a pair of positive and cute loafers to those cat fanciers. Cover your feet with these feline-inspiredkitty canvas shoes right now, to bring even more positive energy and cuteness in your life. That look of Surprise!! 

Canvas Upper 

Ergonomic Shoe Design

Fits perfectly to the foot shape, comfortable to wear

Stylish & Unique

Artistic and bold pattern stands you out in a crowd

Super Lightweight

Simplified shoe construction with only 260g


Improved uin insole for all-day comfort

Spanish Non-slip Outsole 

A Special Collection of Spanish Essences. Increase the fun of walking

Perfect Choice for A Relaxing Journey


Why choose us?


Designed in Toledo, Spain - UIN Footwear's pairs are a testament to two passions — TRAVEL & ART. As discovering new places is associated with excitement and joy, UIN canvas shoes underline those positive feelings through colorful and artistic patterns. Although each story is different, we strongly believe that with a positive attitude, even the most challenging situation or demanding travel plan can be successfully completed. That’s why undergoing new adventures and coloring stories are the way to express beauty, passion and freedom. U IN Story: Paint your story, Free your sole.

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